Pathogen Detection made simple with the CERTUS System.

Introducing the CERTUS System

The CERTUS System includes everything you need for environmental monitoring in your food processing plant.

The Detection Unit provides real-time monitoring with simultaneous growth and detection. Grow, Read, Detect™
The Control Pad provides step-by-step directions, keeps records, and sends instant alerts to key stake-holders through text and email.
Detection Kits include Bio-Lock™ Sampling Swabs, Detection Tubes with pathogen-specific reagent dry-down particles, and pre-measured selective growth media.

3 Step Workflow

Testing for pathogens is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with the CERTUS System. Simply collect your sample, insert into the Detection Unit, and the System does the rest!

No Extra Equipment Needed

The CERTUS System includes everything you need to perform fast, accurate, environmental monitoring in-house. No need for bags, stomacher, centrifuge, incubator, pipettes or bio-safe labs.

Complex Technology Made Simple

Environmental monitoring for food processing plants has never been easier – simply collect a sample, start the test and wait for the result. The CERTUS System provides real-time monitoring through patented technology that simultaneously grows and detects pathogens giving you fast, accurate results.


Perform in-house environmental monitoring with confidence. The CERTUS System is fully bio-contained, thus securing the environment from accidental contamination and enabling food producers to move testing on-site for significantly faster results and reduced costs with no need for a laboratory or complicated technical training.

Grow, Read, Detect

The CERTUS Detection Unit utilizes revolutionary new technology to simultaneously grow, read and detect pathogens – alerting you of a problem hours (days!) sooner than before.

Instant Alerts / EMP

With the CERTUS System, key stakeholders receive instant notification of a positive test result. Alerts are sent through email and text so remediation can begin immediately.

Fast Results

Through patented technology, the CERTUS System provides continuous pathogen monitoring – meaning you don’t have to wait until the end of enrichment for a positive result.

Increased Efficiency

Now anyone in your plant can perform environmental pathogen testing. No specialized training is needed to use the CERTUS System. Simply collect your sample and insert into the Detection Unit following step-by-step directions on your Control Pad.

Records & Reports

The CERTUS System automatically logs all testing  for traceability compliance. All sample site, date, result and remediation records are permanently stored on the CERTUS System to provide instant reporting and FSMA compliant data sets.

Built for rapid, precise results, CERTUS’s new pathogen detection system provides a simple solution for in-house environmental monitoring in food processing plants.


With CERTUS, you’re in control.

CERTUS’s proprietary technology makes food pathogen testing quick and simple – allowing you to maximize efficiency in your plant and increase safety for consumers.


Collect Sample

With the CERTUS System, preparation is easy and requires no specialized expertise or equipment. Using your Bio-Lock™ Sampling Swab, swipe the surface of the day’s predetermined testing location. Then pour the pre-measured selective growth media from your kit into the Detection Tube.


Perform Test

To ensure simplicity in the workflow, the CERTUS System includes a Control Pad and software to guide the user through the testing process.

Once your sample is collected, insert the Detection Tube into the Detection Unit. Then simply click “Start Test,” and let the CERTUS technology work for you.


Get Results

The CERTUS Grow, Read, Detect™ process utilizes patented CERTUS technology for simultaneous enrichment and detection – which means fast, accurate results for you!

Real-time monitoring with fast time to a positive result empowers you with early notification of contamination and allows for prompt remediation. In the event of a positive result, notification instantly alerts stakeholders in a variety of ways including email and text.

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