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UK Laboratory Selects the Solus Pathogen Detection System over Vidas

By April 26, 2018Blog

UK Laboratory Selects the Solus Pathogen Detection System over Vidas


ALS Rotherham pathogen laboratory tests over half a million samples each year. Samples include raw and cooked meats and fish, dairy, chocolate and a number of ready-to-eat products. ALS Rotherham performed pathogen testing using six VIDAS units. But as industry demands increased, the laboratory needed to either purchase additional VIDAS units, or find an alternative solution all-together.


6 VIDAS units3 Solus DS2 units
5 runs per day3 runs per day
30 samples per run, per unit186 samples per run, per unit
900 samples per day1674 samples per day



Bench space for 6 VIDAS units and heat blocks32.5 square feetBench space for 3 Solus DS2 units and heat blocks12.75 square feet
Refrigeration space for 1 week supply of test kits22 cubic feetRefrigeration space for 1 week supply of test kits1.4 cubic feet



Hand-pipetting 900 samples per dayAutomated pipetting
Training – N/A1-2 days training with Solus representative on-site
Constant hands-on technician timeUp to 90 minutes between runs for a technician to perform other tasks


ALS Rotherham made the move to Solus and is now processing nearly twice as many samples per day with lower associated costs. Fewer kit deliveries are required and refrigeration space has been reallocated to other stock. Technicians now have time to carry out other tasks during the work day and are less likely to suffer repetitive stress injuries.

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