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CERTUS™ Announces Exclusive License Agreement for Rapid Pathogen Detection Technology in Food Safety

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CERTUS technology is covered by an exclusive license from BD (Becton Dickinson) to commercialize the proprietary technology in the field of food safety. BD acquired the SERS nanoparticle technology due to its value as a platform system that can be applied to many kinds of diagnostic applications. BD further developed and patented the technology to enable detection in a bio-contained tube during enrichment so that the lab or plant where the testing is conducted is not exposed to enriched pathogens.

BD has now out-licensed the technology to CERTUS in an effort to focus on clinical applications of the technology. BD continues to support the CERTUS technology as the supplier of the proprietary SERS nanoparticles.

Introducing CERTUS™

By | Blog, Food for thought

At CERTUS™, we believe that we can make a difference in the way food safety testing is done, and help reduce food-borne illness. We’ve created a new generation of food pathogen detection devices and processes that are precise, more affordable, easier to use, and empower smaller and medium sized producers to take control prevention.

Introducing the CERTUS System powered by Grow, Read, Detect™ technology. Together with our CERTUS detection kits, you get accurate results —in real time.

CERTUS empowers customers with precise and easy-to-use technologies that detect pathogens present in their facilities, support FSMA compliance and offer knowledge and methods to prevent the threat of contamination at the frontline. The CERTUS system combines enrichment and high sensitivity detection in a homogenous no wash format for real-time monitoring for fast, accurate results.

The CERTUS technology, applied to environmental monitoring and food testing, will eliminate complex workflow enabling any food processor to conduct safe and easy on-site testing, receive instant alerts, and take action to remediate. CERTUS allows companies to get ahead of potential problems, make informed decisions and take definitive action based on accurate and timely information