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Crafting a Recall Plan

By February 1, 2018Blog

When Prevention isn’t Enough, a Carefully Crafted Recall Plan Goes into Effect

Your food safety plan should include a recall plan for each food with a hazard requiring a preventive control. According to the FDA, you must establish a written recall plan which must include procedures that describe the steps to be taken, and assign responsibility for taking those steps.

Notify the Buyer

Notify the direct consignees of the food being recalled, including how to return or dispose of the affected food.

Go Public

Notify the public about any hazard presented by the food when appropriate to protect public health.


Conduct effectiveness checks to verify that the recall is carried out.


Appropriately dispose of recalled food. Possible disposal methods include:



Diverting to a use that does not present a safety concern

Destroying the food

For more information about recall plans, read the Federal Code of Regulations.