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Food & Drink Processing & Packaging 11-14-18

By November 14, 2018News

CERTUS’s In-house Food Pathogen Detection System Delivers Multiple Benefits for Food Processors

Food processors now have a simple, safe, and smart solution for detecting pathogens in their facilities. The revolutionary new CERTUS System is an in-house pathogen detection system that provides cost savings, streamlined environmental monitoring, and the ability to strengthen quality control measures with ease. This AOAC-certified system is changing the way food processors do business.


The CERTUS System makes it possible for food processors to bring pathogen testing in-house, thus reducing dependence on third-party labs. With CERTUS’s in-house testing, food processors will not only see a drastic reduction in shipping costs associated with outsourced testing, but they’ll also discover reduced labor costs as a result of the simple, three-step workflow that anyone in the facility can perform with minimal training. Additionally, hands-on technician time is merely minutes per sample.

When it comes to managing the pathogen environmental monitoring program, CERTUS makes it easy with complimentary facility management software. CERTUS’s software simplifies day-to-day environmental monitoring, reduces labor-intensive repetitive tasks and reduces errors with automated scheduling, data collection, and reporting.


With the CERTUS System in place, food processors have the critical information they need to keep their products moving,  protecting their brand from a recall. Employing an immunoassay with Surface Enhanced Raman detection technology, the CERTUS System provides test results in as little as eight hours. Eliminating the need to send all samples to a third party lab, food processors enjoy increased productivity due to having test results in-hand days sooner with the CERTUS System.


The CERTUS System puts you in control of every aspect of your facility’s environmental monitoring program. This elevated level of quality control affords plant managers the ability to test additional areas as needed, address concerns before they become issues, and maintain peak production and efficiency. To ensure that proper protocols are being followed every step of the way, the CERTUS System generates step-by-step workflow directions, schedules, corrective action plans, alerts, and regulatory-compliant reports.

By providing streamlined operational flow, enhanced quality control, and substantial cost savings, the CERTUS System is a simple, safe and smart solution for food producers looking to improve their environmental monitoring program.

The CERTUS System is now available in a limited supply basis with full market availability in Q1 2019. To learn more about this industry-changing product and to schedule a live web demo, visit https://certusfoodsafety.com/