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Press Release October 4, 2017

By October 4, 2017Press

CERTUS™ Announces U.S. Distribution of Solus Pathogen Detection System for Food Safety Labs

Partnership brings innovation and expertise together to provide a highly efficient process to detect Salmonella, Listeria and E.coli O157

Chicago, Illinois – October 4, 2017 – Today, CERTUS™, innovators in food safety technologies, announced an expanded partnership with Solus Scientific for the immediate distribution of the Solus Pathogen Testing System across the United States food safety market. For use by food safety testing labs, the Solus Pathogen Detection System is a highly efficient process for detection of Salmonella, Listeria and E.coli O157 pathogens. Utilizing proprietary antibodies and production methods optimized to deliver excellent performance; the system offers labs increased power, performance and profits through automated immunoassays delivering high test throughput, lab resource efficiencies and cost savings.

“Aligning with our company’s laser-like focus on reducing food-borne illness, the Solus Pathogen Detection System has the ability to dramatically increase lab productivity and efficiency, a critical factor in the rising needs of the industry,” says CERTUS President, John Coomes. “Labs across the country are in need of a powerful, efficient and cost effective system to ensure food is safe for everyone in our country. We’re proud to grow our partnership with Solus to bring such a solution to the U.S. marketplace.”

The cornerstone of the Solus Pathogen Detection System is the company’s proprietary immunoassay, based on enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The system is available in a manual, or a fully-automated, self-contained option (Solus DS2 Automated Laboratory ELISA), able to process 192 samples in one run including simple load-to-results on-screen instructions for technicians.  


“For food testing labs to use the Solus Pathogen Detection System makes both commercial and scientific sense, as we have enabled a proven technology to be automated, increasing throughput efficiency and productivity,” said Ray Wakefield, CEO of Solus. “Our partnership with CERTUS gives American third party labs a powerful and AOAC validated alternative that this market is demanding.”


In addition to distribution of the Solus Pathogen Detection System, CERTUS recently announced the launch of the CERTUS System, a unique bio-contained, in-house solution for pathogen detection for small and mid-sized food processing plants. Making food safer by providing producers fast, easy, direct and cost effective ways to detect environmental Listeria, the CERTUS System utilizes key technologies co-developed with Solus Scientific.


As part of its commitment to meet the increasing needs for pathogen detection across the global food production industry, CERTUS intends to continuously deliver advanced tools and strong technical support to a broad spectrum of food manufacturers and improve the safety of the global food supply.



CERTUS changes the way food safety testing is done, and helps reduce food-borne illness with a new generation of food pathogen detection devices and processes that are precise, affordable and easy to use.  Making rapid pathogen detection and prevention Simple, Safe and Smart, CERTUS is built on the foundations of empowerment, simplicity, precision, and integrity.  CERTUS seeks to integrate historically embraced values into future technology to bring innovation and expansive vision to the food safety industry.  CERTUS joins the Toho Technology group of companies as a new brand specializing in Food Safety.  Founded in 1819 in Nagoya, Japan, Toho is a privately-held company that provides engineering, manufacture, distribution and support of diverse industrial and life-science technologies to customers around the world.  With significant expertise in precision instrumentation and equipment sales, Toho Technology advances the way products are made, tested and verified within the fields of food safety, healthcare, and nanotechnologies. The company currently operates multiple facilities in Chicago, Illinois; Japan; Shanghai, China and Jakarta, Indonesia. Toho Technology Inc. is the launch site for the CERTUS global expansion with all R&D, operations and sales centered in its Chicago location.


For Media Inquiries Contact: Candace Taylor :: Email: candace.taylor@certusfoodsafety.com :: Call us at 872-810-4123

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