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Produce Business 6-27-17

By June 29, 2017News

CERTUS Enters Food Safety Industry With Revolutionary Bio-Contained, In-House Pathogen Detection System

Chicago, Illinois – CERTUS™, innovators in food safety technologies, announced entry into the food safety industry with the launch of the CERTUS System for rapid pathogen detection and environmental monitoring. The CERTUS System raises the bar with a unique bio-contained, in-house solution for pathogen detection for small and mid-sized food processing plants. Unmatched in its unique approach to an industry dominated by outsourcing or complicated in-house testing, this system will make food safer by providing producers fast, easy and cost effective ways to detect environmental Listeria in food processing environments and the food itself prior to reaching consumers.

CERTUS makes environmental testing and monitoring, which was once complex, a “Simple, Safe and Smart” process, greatly reducing time and cost by eliminating media preparation, sample preparation, courier expense and risk of opening an enriched sample in the plant.   Anyone with minimal training will simply swab a surface, add media to the Bio-LockTM Detection Tube, and insert the tube into the CERTUS Detection Unit to start getting rapid results during the enrichment cycle. There is no need for centrifuges, incubators, pipettes, stomachers, bags and many ancillary items and steps that current methods require.

The company’s patented Grow, Read, Detect.™ continuous monitoring process combines enrichment and high sensitivity detection in a homogenous, no-wash format for real-time monitoring; it eliminates complex workflow; and enables any food processor to conduct safe and easy on-site testing, receive instant alerts, and take action to remediate. The first commercial system will be launched in 2018 for environmental monitoring and prevention of Listeria spp.

“We are focused on building a business that solves real problems,” says CERTUS President, John Coomes. “Now with FSMA compliance requirements, small and medium-sized producers face expensive outsourced testing that takes days for results to come in or they need to invest in bio-safe labs, expensive equipment, and highly skilled lab technicians.  Our customers will avoid all of those risks and expenses.  CERTUS is part of a family-owned business that’s spent the past seven generations improving the foundations that businesses are built on.  Now we get to apply this tradition and passion to making a difference in how food is made, tested and verified as, ‘Safe for you and your family’.”


CERTUS changes the way food safety testing is done, and helps reduce food-borne illness with a new generation of food pathogen detection devices and processes that are precise, affordable and easy to use.  Making rapid pathogen detection and prevention Simple, Safe and Smart, CERTUS is built on the foundations of empowerment, simplicity, precision, and integrity.  CERTUS seeks to integrate historically embraced values into future technology to bring innovation and expansive vision to the food safety industry.  CERTUS joins the Toho Technology group of companies as a new brand specializing in Food Safety.  Founded in 1819 in Nagoya, Japan, Toho is a privately-held company that provides engineering, manufacture, distribution and support of diverse industrial and life-science technologies to customers around the world.  With significant expertise in precision instrumentation and equipment sales, Toho Technology advances the way products are made, tested and verified within the fields of food safety, healthcare, and nanotechnologies. The company currently operates multiple facilities in Chicago, Illinois; Japan; Shanghai, China and Jakarta, Indonesia. Toho Technology Inc. is the launch site for the CERTUS global expansion with all R&D, operations and sales centered in its Chicago location.

To learn more, visit https://certusfoodsafety.com or call us at 872-810-4123.

Source: CERTUS

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