Swab-to-Result in 8 Hours

The CERTUS System provides real-time detection
for fast, accurate results in as little as 8 hours.

The CERTUS System

Featuring exceptionally accurate and rapid pathogen detection, the easy-to-use CERTUS System is uniquely designed for use in small to mid-size food production facilities.

The CERTUS System’s powerful combination of in-house capability coupled with real-time detection means food producers have test results in-hand in less time than it takes for a third-party lab to receive samples by mail. By reducing dependence on postage, the CERTUS System eliminates delays and costs associated with mailing samples – including cold pack and hazardous material shipping fees.


Simple, Safe, Smart
Pathogen Detection

Simple 3-Step Workflow

Our goal is to empower you so you can to control your environmental monitoring program, turnaround time, and costs. With 3 simple steps to test results, anyone can quickly perform environmental monitoring with the CERTUS System. Sample, Test, Result.

Bio-Contained System

Confidently perform pathogen detection in-house with CERTUS’s fully bio-contained system.

The CERTUS Bio-Lock™ Sampling Swabs secure the environment from accidental contamination and enable you to move testing onsite for significantly faster results and reduced costs with no need for a laboratory or complicated technical training.

Real-Time Detection

The CERTUS System provides swab-to-result in as little as eight hours through real-time detection. This timely information allows you to make informed decisions and manage potential problems quickly.

Facility Management Software

The CERTUS Control Pad includes complimentary facility management software that enables plant test scheduling, test site result mapping, instant notifications, and remediation management, while automatically recording critical data points that support FSMA compliance and storing data for instant access to reporting.


Collect Sample

With the CERTUS System, preparation is easy and requires no specialized expertise or equipment.

Using your Bio-Lock™ Sampling Swab, swipe the surface of the day’s predetermined testing location. Then pour the pre-measured selective growth media from your kit into the Detection Tube.


Perform Test

To ensure simplicity in the workflow, the CERTUS System includes a Control Pad and software to guide the user through the testing process.

Once your sample is collected, insert the Detection Tube into the Detection Unit. Then simply click “Start Test,” and let the CERTUS technology work for you.


Get Results

Real-time detection with fast time to a positive result empowers you with early notification of contamination and allows for prompt remediation. In the event of a positive result, notification instantly alerts stakeholders in a variety of ways including email and text.

Schedule a Live Demo

Interested in learning more about the CERTUS System? Schedule a live demo and let us show you how simple, safe and smart food safety can be.


Detection Kit

CERTUS’s consumable test kits contain everything you need for safe, in-house environmental monitoring. Test kits are pathogen-specific and negate the need for purchasing separate swabs, stomacher bags, media, controls, pipettes, centrifuge, incubators, etc.

Detection Kits include Bio-Lock™ Sampling Swabs, Detection Tubes with pathogen-specific reagent dry-down particles, and pre-measured selective growth media.

Empower Software

CERTUS provides state-of-the-art technology to help you achieve your compliance goals. We understand your need to monitor your production environment for pathogenic organisms. Empower offers a fast, responsive and intuitive facility management experience for any member of your team.

While complex microbiology and sophisticated engineering form the basis of our products, any person in your organization will be able to pick up the software and start testing samples without the need for specialized training, special equipment or complicated user manuals. We’ve designed the CERTUS system with this in mind; that all users will be able to pick up the seamlessly integrated tablet and go.

Includes 9.7 inch iPad and Empower software.

Detection Unit

The CERTUS Detection Unit utilizes SERS (Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy) nanoparticle technology process for real-time detection. This revolutionary machine provides quick, accurate, in-house pathogen detection capabilities for food processing plants by reading, enriching, and detecting samples every 20 minutes.

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Research and Development


The CERTUS pathogen detection system was designed and developed through strategic collaborations. The core SERS technology and instrument design is based on innovative technology exclusively licensed from BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) for applications in the food safety market.

Assay reagent and media development is conducted in collaboration between CERTUS and UK-based Solus Scientific. Solus has proven scientific expertise in the development of immunoassay-based tests specific for the food pathogen testing market with their own line of AFNOR and AOAC validated ELISA tests and applies that industry expertise and scientific integrity to the CERTUS system.


CERTUS’s homogenous no-wash assay format allows for real time detection of Listeria as shown to the left where signal is plotted versus time in culture. Pre-measured selective growth media is provided with the Detection Kit.


CERTUS technology is covered under an exclusive license from BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) for the commercialization of food safety products based on SERS nanoparticle technology, which has utility across many monitoring and diagnostic applications.

BD’s exclusive license to CERTUS also includes technology to enable pathogen detection in a bio-contained tube during enrichment so that the facility where the testing is conducted is not exposed to enriched pathogens.

BD continues to work with partners to further develop the SERS technology and is currently the supplier of SERS nanoparticles used in CERTUS products.


The road map of CERTUS product development in the short term is to expand the menu of environmental targets to include Salmonella and shiga-toxin producing E. coli (STEC).

Longer term, CERTUS will expand its product line to include food matrices.