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Risk Management Today

By June 22, 2017Blog, Risk Management

We understand your need to monitor your production environment for pathogenic organisms.

In fact, the FDA is currently proposing to require environmental testing when:

  • A ready-to-eat food product is exposed to the environment before it is packaged; and
  • The packaged food does not receive a treatment that would significantly minimize an environmental pathogen that could contaminate the food.

In all other circumstances, FDA is proposing to require environmental monitoring only “as appropriate to the facility, the food, and the nature of the preventive control.”

Environmental testing typically entails taking microbiological samples of food contact surfaces or nearby areas to test for the presence of a pathogen or indicator organism. For ready to eat foods processed under wet conditions or environments, the organism of concern is generally Listeria monocytogenes.

CERTUS is uniquely positioned as your food safety partner to help educate and work with you to mitigate these risks.

So much so, we developed a proprietary bio-containment system to achieve safe handling and disposition of samples.

Furthermore, we know that food safety is a global issue, and many Food Safety Authorities (Canada, Europe, Australia) are striving for the similar standards, in fact Australia and the US just announced that their systems and regulations are compatible, streamlining the compliance portion of trade agreements.