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Solus Goes the Extra Mile to Ensure Quality Control

By December 20, 2017Blog

Three Indicators of Quality Control

Quality control is synonymous with making our food supply safer.  The Solus Pathogen Detection System ensures the highest standards of quality for each test. Users of the system can rely on three immediate indicators for confidence in the quality of their results:

Batch-specific ELISA Kits

All components of Solus Salmonella, Solus Listeria, and Solus E. coli O157 kits are quality control tested as a batch combination, labeled with batch numbers and given a certificate of analysis with specific performance results.     

Instrumentation Self-Check

When the DS2 Matrix Software initializes, it performs a self-diagnostic check on the instrument.  The pass/fail function ensures the machine’s components such as the incubator, wash-buffer heads and pipette modules are functioning properly.


Microplate Controls

During each 96-well microplate run, three wells are dedicated to quality control.  Batch-specific positive control containing heat-killed pathogen and a color indicator plus negative control of heat killed none pathogenic organism ensure that every run meets stringent acceptance criteria.