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5 Advantages of the Solus System vs. Market Leaders

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CERTUS is proud to bring Solus Pathogen Detection System to the United States and introduce it to the market where it currently offers significant benefits over leading immunoassay systems.

Solus Salmonella and Solus Listeria ELISA kits, proprietary media, and DS2 (2 plate ELISA processing system) streamline your workflow, technician time, and costs to offer you a high-throughput, reliable and robust pathogen detection system.

Here are 5 reasons why Solus Pathogen Detection System outperforms market leaders.

  1. Throughput

It’s simple.  Solus ELISA coupled with a single DS2 unit (instrument and PC), can run 2 plates or 192 samples in a total of 185 minutes.  That is an average of 1.04 minutes per sample.  It is therefore possible on one DS2 unit to run 500 samples per day in one 8 hour shift.

The most popular system on the market in the U.S. can run under 200 samples a day on one machine.  To meet the throughput of the Solus System you would require three of our competitor’s machines with instrumentation.

  1. Time

Time is money and time is limited.  One of the main advantages of Solus Pathogen Detection System over competitors is the efficient workflow, which truly frees up technician time. After the standard enrichment protocol, the hands-on technician time needed to prepare 192 samples for testing on DS2 (including instrument set up) takes well under an hour.  The instrument then runs the 192 samples in 2.5 hours fully automated, meaning the technician is free to perform other lab duties.

  1. Lab Footprint

Many labs struggle with space allocation and cold storage capacity and Solus Pathogen Detection System rightly addresses this issue.

One Solus kit contains enough reagents to process 480 samples whereas current market leader’s kit only contains sufficient materials for 60 samples within a slightly larger box. Additionally, DS2 is only 21 inches in width, freeing up valuable bench space for other instrumentation.

  1. Room for Growth and Scalability

Solus Pathogen Detection System is perfectly poised to scale up with your lab and growth needs.  A trained technician could simultaneously prep and run three DS2’s at once if need be. This would yield nearly 1,675 tests in one 8-hour work day. Additionally, DS2 is a customized open-based ELISA system that could also run allergens, mycotoxins, etc. to truly fit your daily testing needs.

  1. Cost Savings

Cost is the bottom line for most companies. Solus Pathogen Detection System offers not only attractive price-per-test for a complete system, but overall cost savings are also achieved in the bigger financial picture. Smaller box size means less waste and thus less to dispose of and reduced shipping cost. Concentrated formulas and reduced box size mean less cold storage, less overhead cost. Finally, freeing up technician time through the automated system allows technicians to perform other tasks, streamlining labor needs and allowing your workforce to work efficiently and on a variety of projects.

If you are interested in chatting more about the other advantages of Solus Pathogen Detection System or to set up a live demo, please contact me at Shelby.degalan@certusfoodsafety.com or at 872-810-4123.  We are looking forward to demonstrating how Solus Pathogen Detection System can fit your testing needs!